The Wishkeeper’s Redemption: A Twisted Tale of History


By: Pt Bateman (Author), Kristina Conatser (Cover Art)

Paperback Edition – Autographed by the author.

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Warning: This book contains strong themes not suitable for readers who may be sensitive to triggering content!

In the mysterious realm of ancient artifacts and mystical beings, a powerful genie finds itself bound to a cursed lamp, compelled to fulfill the wishes of history’s most notorious villains. Trapped by a malevolent force, the genie becomes a reluctant accomplice to the darkest desires of tyrants, conquerors, and maleficent figures throughout time.

As the genie reluctantly weaves its magic to bring about the twisted aspirations of these infamous individuals, a subtle glimmer of hope emerges. Beneath the surface of malevolence, the genie seeks a way to break free from its sinister servitude, yearning to bring about redemption and balance to a world tainted by the shadows of its past.

Will the genie find a way to reverse the curse and rewrite the narrative of its own existence, or will it remain forever entwined with the legacy of those who sought to exploit its magical powers for nefarious purposes? Only time will unveil the fate of this otherworldly entity caught in the crossroads of darkness and the possibility of redemption.