About the Author

PT Bateman is a Fiction author with several genres for all readers’ enjoyment. Also published under Patti Bateman Tracey, parents/grandparents/aunts & uncles can find children’s adventures for their elementary school aged reader.

For the “older” reader is Thirty Days Until I Die (And Arguing with Myself About It). The reader learns what it’s like to be diagnosed with a cancer that gives you only 30 days to live through the eyes and thoughts of the main character, Edna Berman.

PT Bateman is a full-time state employee who enjoys reading, writing, and music. She has two grown children that are the center of her world. She has adopted two dogs and three cats that keep her constantly entertained.

You can find her at craft shows and boutique bookstores promoting her books and the imagination of children. Available on Amazon and wherever you find online books.

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Mushroom Theory “Oopsie”


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Thirty Days Until I Die “Oopsie”


By: PT Bateman (Author), Kristina Conatser (Cover Art)Paperback Edition – Autographed by the author.

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