Josh’s Treehouse

A Captain’s Adventure

By: Patti Bateman Tracey

Josh visits his grandparents every summer. Most of the time, he has nothing to do. But this year is going to be special; his granddad built him a treehouse! And as Josh quickly comes to find out, this treehouse is anything but ordinary.

InĀ Josh’s Treehouse: A Captain’s Adventure, prepare to take a magical journey that will stretch the limits of your imagination. You will be transported back in time as you set sail on a glorious journey with Josh and his crew, where you’ll come face to face with fierce storms, kidnapping pirates, and a great treasure.

Will Josh find the princess and rescue her? Will he get rewarded with the treasure chest of gold? Or will he learn a lesson more valuable than riches?

Patti Bateman Tracey blends magic, adventure, and suspense to create Josh’s memorable first-person narration in this fanciful tale of heroism, hope, and unexpected friendship.