Thirty Days Until I Die

And Arguing With Myself About It

By: Pt Bateman (Author), Kristina Conatser (Cover Art)

You have a month to live, maybe two…

Edna Berman is a typical middle-aged woman living in Louisiana. She has two adult children, two young grand children, an elderly mother, an ex-husband and an eccentric neighbor. She also has only thirty days to live. Diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, Edna must get her affairs in order, say good-bye to her loved ones, and somehow try to exist for the next month.

Immerse yourself in Edna’s world as she comes to grip with her mortality. Learn how she faces the anger, the disappointment, and the heartbreak of finding out the news. Identify with how she tells her children and her friends of her impeding death and somehow, finds a little humor in it along the way by arguing with herself over it all. Most importantly, understand a dying woman’s point of view of what it’s like to face your own ending.

PT Bateman takes the reader through each of Edna’s final days. You will laugh and you will cry. Moreover, Enda will most certainly stick with you long after you’ve finished the book.